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Nashville vs. Los Angeles: Who Makes Better Music?

There are a lot of musicians contemplating whether to move to Nashville or Los Angeles. Both cities are known for people making a lot of great music. Los Angeles is known for having hipster vibes so there are a lot of hip hop legends who reside in this area. On the other hand, Nashville is the home of so many country legends. Thus, it depends on the musical genre that you wish to get into. If it is hip hop or R & B, then Los Angele may be the best city to live in. If it is a country, choose Nashville. Right now, a lot of pop artists choose to live in Hollywood or Los Angeles because of all the big-name celebrities who live there. Yes, it is home to a lot of people who are involved in the film industry. Since a lot of films and TV series are being shot there, you can’t blame them for living there. There is a good reason why so many pop and rap artists get small roles in movies too. They live in Los Angeles and they have the money to live there. In addition, they would want nothing more than to become even more famous than they already are. Everyone knows Los Angeles is the land of opportunities. Even young aspiring actors and musicians move there and start small jobs with the hopes of one day achieving their dreams. It is great to have small goals one day with the hopes of taking it one step at a time.

A lot of tourists go to Los Angeles to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame which features actors and actresses. It is no secret the stars also have names of musicians in them. Hence, LA certainly has the edge and there are a lot of nice concerts that happen at Staples Center. A lot of big-name artists know they have made it when they have a concert there. The same goes for country legends in Nashville so it really depends what genre you want to be a star in. Blake Shelton is from Nashville and he is a good country singer but now he is in Los Angeles as a coach in The Voice TV show. He has also starred in a few animation movies because of his amazing singing talent. That goes to show the huge difference between the two states as they are overwhelming. It won’t be a surprise for tourists to spot musicians walking around Los Angeles as they like to live the simple life there. There is proof that there are many agencies based in Los Angeles so you know some musicians are looking to get signed there. When these agencies make a star, they see to it that the artist rises to the very top. The artist would usually start out by submitting an audition to them or uploading a video containing a rendition of a hit single on YouTube and see what happens.