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5 Ways to Ensure Your Dog is Well Taken Care Of as a Musician

As a musician, it’s hard to have peace of mind when you’re away from your pup. If you don’t want to hire a pet sitter or board them for the weekend, there are quite a few things that you can do to take care of your dog while you’re on tour. We’ve put together 5 ways that will help ensure your dog is well taken care of while they wait patiently at home for their human!

1) Have a friend or family member to check in on your dog regularly and feed them.

This is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure your dog’s well-being while you’re away. Make sure to designate someone who will be able to come by at least once a day to make sure your pup has been fed, exercised, and is generally doing well.

If you’re not comfortable having a friend or family member do this, there are plenty of pet sitters who would be more than happy to help out. Just make sure to research and find one that you trust!

2) Train your dog to use a potty box.

When you’re home, it’s easy to train your pup to go outside for their bathroom breaks. It may be more difficult when you’re gone all day, so having them learn how to do their business in the right place will make things much easier on everyone! Letting your dog loose in an unfamiliar place can lead to them getting into all sorts of trouble, so it’s important that they know where their bathroom breaks are allowed.

You don’t want your dog to soil the carpets at home or go on furniture either, which is another reason why using a potty box makes sense. If you’re not sure what this is exactly, it’s just a box that has some sort of absorbent material in the bottom for them to go on.

3) Invest on a dog-friendly hotel room.

While it may be cheaper to stay at someone’s house or an AirBnB, you don’t want your dog stuck in a separate room all night long. They’ll feel lonely and abandoned if they’re not with their human companions, which can ultimately lead to them getting sick! Make sure that the hotel you’re staying at allows dogs and that they have a designated pet-friendly room.

This can be a lifesaver when it comes to long tours or trips, as your dog will be able to come with you and not have to spend the night in a kennel. Just make sure to call ahead and reserve this room, as they tend to fill up quickly!

If you’re not able to find a pet-friendly room, there are always dog kennels that will take care of your furry friend. Just make sure to do your research and find one that is reputable and has good reviews.

4) Install invisible fence or a baby gate.

If you’re not comfortable having someone come over to take care of your dog, you can always install an invisible fence or a baby gate to keep them in one specific area of the house. This way they’ll be safe and secure and you won’t have to worry about them getting into trouble when you’re gone.

Just make sure that you’re comfortable with the idea of your dog being confined to a specific space and that they have enough toys and things to keep them occupied.

An invisible fence can be a little pricey, but it may be worth it in the long run if you travel often.

If you already have a baby gate, that can also be used to keep your dog in a certain section of the house.

5) Track their eating and drinking habits.

When you’re home, it’s easy to keep an eye on how much water your dog is drinking and whether or not they’re getting enough food. When you’re away, however, this can be a little more difficult.

Investing in a pet food dispenser that will track how much food your dog is eating can help put your mind at ease. This way you’ll know that they’re getting the right amount of food and not overeating or going hungry.

You can also do the same thing with water by using a pet water dispenser. This will ensure that they’re drinking enough and not becoming dehydrated while you’re gone.

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Why Nashville Is The Perfect Place For Dog Owners

So, you are planning to have a pet dog. You want to take the leap. You are here to gather some information before taking the final call. Nashville is known for being a Music City. But nowadays, it is popular for being a pet-friendly spot. It has secured its place in the list of the most pet-friendly cities of WalletHub. In this article, we will discuss what makes Nashville a preferred choice for dogs.


Your pet would need some physical activities. You can spend some quality time with your dog out of your home environment. Nashville sets an example when it comes to pet-friendly parks. You will find many outdoor spaces and pet-friendly parks to enjoy a stroll with your friend. Every metro public park in Nashville will welcome your pet if your dog is leashed. Some parks allow off-leash dogs as well.

If you are looking for the best pet park, you can explore Centennial Park. It is known for dog walking. This fenced park offers enough space for your pet to enjoy the free environment. There are separate spaces for small and large dogs. You can also visit Two Rivers Dog Park. It is considered the best for pets as well as their owners. Both can run and enjoy some fun together.


Many of us like to explore the world with our pets. However, some restaurants and shops do not allow pets especially dogs. You will expect an exception in Nashville. Your pet can accompany you to most of the places including bars and restaurants. Many eateries will welcome your non-human friend. You can enjoy your food and drink on their patios and outdoor porches. Some coffeehouses have made separate arrangements for dogs. There are plenty of outdoor seating arrangements to make your pet comfortable.

You can consider visiting Double Dogs and Fido. Both these restaurants will offer a warm welcome to your little friend. Double Dogs will have a specific menu for your dog as well. These are a few to be named. There are many other pet-friendly restaurants and bars available in Nashville.


In addition to pet-friendly parks and restaurants, you can expect some unique events for dogs in Nashville. The biggest dog festival known as Barktoberfest is being arranged in the Music City. It is a free event that organizes a pet adaption fair, Halloween costume contest, and some sports demonstrations. It arranges events for the entire family. Everyone in your family will have something to enjoy. Also, you can join another dog event that will be arranged in October at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens. DogFest Nashville is another event that is organized to create awareness and raise funds for canines. You will find many more events for your dog.

Nashville is home to many pet-friendly lodgings. Some popular names are Omni Nashville Hotel and Hotel Preston. Also, you can expect many doggie daycares and in boarding facilities in Nashville. All these unique qualities make Nashville one of the popular choices for dog owners. Your dogs will have many things to explore throughout the life period.

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Why So Many Artists Write Songs About Dogs

Dogs are one of the most loved animals around the world and this is not only an affirmation but also a fact since millions of people are pet owners and the great majority of them owns at least one dog in their property, the reason for that is very simple, dogs are very loveable pets that will be willing to stay on your side without worrying about trivial things unlike this modern society that judges you for everything. In the musical world, there is a little anomaly when it comes to dogs because a lot of artists share pieces of moments with their dogs on songs, or even better, they write complete songs about dogs and dogs lovers, but why is this a thing? Let’s discover it in today’s article, say tuned.


The most important reason about the existence of this song is to fight against those abusers of animals that are walking free on the streets without facing any justice after damaging those dogs, and for that reason, famous artists are writing more and more songs about this topic to save abused dogs and also to make a message that is mainly focused on treating dogs like human beings, they also love everyone you know? So, it’s pretty inhuman to abuse or damage them or even worse, abandoning them on the streets, so, artists cooperate with multiple groups and societies that are rescuing dogs while making songs to make more people change their minds and join into the rescue operations.


Music and dogs, two very important and popular topics not only in the musical world but also in general, I don’t know about you but if I get to see a song with images of dogs, then count me on it because I will listen to it at least one time! Dos have that factor that makes everyone to look at them every single time they appear on the screen, for that reason, they are perfect for songs and to show a lot of manners to this modern society, which in combination to the previous reason, makes a good combination of music, topic, and message.


Finally, most singers or artists make these types of songs to make a tribute or in appreciation to their dogs, remember that artists may have a busy life but in their free time they may have some special hobbies and the most popular one without any doubt besides video games is spending some quality time with their dogs, for that reason, they would love to make every possible tribute to their canine live before they go to another world, is a good idea to spend time with your dog, they sadly won’t live forever, for that reason, treat them like if they were humans to make them the happiest possible and they will love you back for that special treatment, do your best!